Clozapine 347

J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2002 Winter12(4):347-9. Clozapine-induced akathisia in children with schizophrenia. Gogtay N(1), Sporn A, Alfaro CL, Method: 18 volunteers who received 12.5mg clozapine participated in the 2008 31:347-352. http:dx.doi.org10.1097WNF.0b013e31815cba61 Pubmed. 10

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Serotonin Subtype 2 Receptor Genes and Clinical Response to Clozapine in Schizophrenia Patients Pharm Res 4: 347351 Cholerton S, Daly AK, Idle JR Clozapine 200 MG Oral Tablet Name: Clozapine 12.5 MG Disintegrating Tablet . Imprint: 347, Label Author: Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd 1996 Jan 6347(8993):61. Monozygotic twins concordant for response to clozapine. Vojvoda D Erratum in Lancet 1996 Apr 13347(9007):1054. Lancet 1996

Clozapine-induced akathisia in children with schizophrenia

from JAMA Psychiatry Clozapine and Tardive Dyskinesia-Reply. 198340(3): 347-348. doi:10.1001archpsyc.1983.01790030117021. Text Size: A A A Pharm Res. 1990 Apr7(4):347-51. Single- vs multiple-dose pharmacokinetics of clozapine in psychiatric patients. Choc MG(1), Hsuan F, Honigfeld G, Robinson

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