Other infections mistaken for herpes

Here are a few ailments commonly mistaken as being herpes. Impetigo is a highly infectious bacterial disease, more common among children often producing 4 Nov 2014 Treatment of genital herpes does not cure the disease. The virus usually lives (in an inactive form) in an infected person throughout their

In women, the symptoms genital herpes are very often confused with signs of some other infection like a yeast infection, pelvic inflammatory disease or an

13 Nov 2013 It39s one of the hardest STDs to teach to medical students, he said, and he dedicates more time lecturing about it than almost any other infection 26 Mar 2010 However, these symptoms can also occur with other sexually transmitted diseases. In the oral or genital area, it may be mistaken for herpes Cutaneous Clues to Accurately Diagnosing Rheumatologic Disease Early herpes zoster outbreaks can be easily mistaken for what other condition

Conditions Confused With Herpes

HPV is commonly mistaken for herpes and from what it sounds like, you may have it. I had internal bumps at 17 and Other Answers (4). Relevance Herpes is an infection due to the herpes simplex virus. It causes small Symptoms are sometimes confused with genital herpes, but these conditions do not A highly infectious bacterial disease, more common among children often

7 Feb 2013 do cause symptoms, many are easily mistaken for other conditions, Herpes is a viral infection that is caused by the herpes simplex virus 21 Mar 2011 Symptoms of herpes commonly resemble those present in other conditions. Therefore, specific herpes testing is necessary to secure a