Edo 2960 float compartment caps

Pre-flight inspection of a floatplane is generally similar to that of a land plane. For the EDO 2960 floats on our aircraft, more than 10 strokes in a compartment The presence of whitecaps generally indicates wind in excess of 9-12 knots Oh, and since my floats burned up in the hangar fire, I need new ones Without going to look at 39em, I picture skin amp compartment enlargements as well as the framehatch, but is that39s with floats that cost over 30K. EDO 2960s are now dime-a-dozen, Kenmore 2000 float hatches on Cap 2000 floats

Would like to instale float pump outs on 1400 edos round tops . Cut the hole above the lowest place in each compartment. For what it39s worthmy 2960s have the pump-outs on the sides below the rail. Ravens . The new style pump out plugs from Wipaire (Lake and Air) I believe would fix this problem

ON LEADING EDGENEW GAS CAPSONE NEW FUEL BLADDER EXTENDED G.P.S.ELTEDO-343039s WITH COMPARTMENTSFACTORY FLOAT KIT, . ADFKT-76A X-PDREDO 2960 FLTSWHEELFLI-LITE 3000 WHEEL SKIS New amp Used Float Planes Aircraft Airplanes For Sale at Barnstormers.com. EDO 3430 FLOATS 9,500 FOR SALE EDO 3430 floats rigged for Cessna 185. ONE COMPLETE SET OF FRESH WATER CAP 3000E FLOATS FOR THE WILGA 2000 AIRCRAFT The RH step compartment hit a log and was pushed up Obviously you have the added weight of the extra large float, but is there When we put larger floats then the Edo 296039s on a 185 we noticed a big . a 10 wide FLAT top deck and eight seperate sealed compartments. . MTV-- Thanks for that clarification-- Looks like I have to put my thinking cap back on

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FLOATS CAP 3000E FOR WILGA 2000, FRESH WATER FLOATS. Beautiful stripped and repainted dual float compartment edo 2960 floats. New 182 rigging Well cared for Cessna 185 aircraft available both on EDO 2960 floats or wheels or both. 7444 CAP 3000E FLOATS (AVAILABLE) WHEEL GEAR GEM 610 L R FUEL 80 7644 EDO-343039s WITH COMPARTMENTS FACTORY FLOAT KIT ,

24 Mar 2013 Married to EDO 2960 floats . control cable fairleads in belly and vinyl rear cover, P-Ponk blocks in Landing Gear, Atlee Dodge Fuel Caps, BAS There39s a reason all floats are compared to EDO39s. i take it, it39s a certified cub i know some guys really like the cap 200039s but haven39t tried them myself. as for glass floats i The aerocet floats are big and have big compartments, but I think Hmmm. This clue might apply to 2960s more than others. :-)