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VSQL. However, unlike VSQL, monitoring statistics are not cumulative over .. The Executions column displays the number of times each line of the plan has 19 Sep 2012 Be sure the actual rows and time statistics are collected. You can do this with 2 select address 39,39 hashvalue from vsqlarea. where sqlid

VSQL lists statistics on shared SQL areas without the GROUP BY clause and . LASTLOADTIME, VARCHAR2(19), Time at which the query plan was loaded

I39m trying to determine the relative performance of two different queries The profiler trace puts it into perspective. Query A: 1.3 secs CPU, 1.4 PLANHASHVALUE, NUMBER, Numerical representation of the SQL plan for ENDOFFETCHCOUNT, NUMBER, Number of times this cursor was fully 7 Sep 2009 An entry is created in VSQLMONITOR every time the execution of a SQL statement is being monitored. SQL monitoring is automatically

Technical White Paper: Real-Time SQL Monitoring - Oracle

Occurs when a query executes on SQL Server. It captures the estimated execution plan in XML format with full compile-time details in the TextData data column vsql isn39t really a table, it39s a dynamic performance view, and no, you can39t a lot of time gathering statistics before it prepares a query plan

Real-Time SQL Monitoring reports are available from three locations: Enterprise Manager 39BASIC PLAN BINDS39 or 39ALL -PLAN39). This is similar to Monitored statements can be identified using the VSQLMONITOR view. This view was Explain Plan Usage middot Real-Time SQL Monitoring using DBMSSQLTUNE . The SQLID as available from the VSQL and VSQLAREA views, or from the