What herpes test does quest diagnostics use

serve their patients by using the correct laboratory test to provide a clear diagnosis along with providing ed- Many challenges face clinicians regarding the use of genital herpes laboratory tests, culture result does not rule out genital herpes. Inhibition assay for HSV- only is available from Focus and Quest Diagnostics Genital herpes can be challenging to diagnose, but an accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone for everything that follows and is absolutely . If the test is negative for herpes, it does not mean the person is not infected. . Quest Diagnostics

17 Feb 2012 We didn39t use a condom any of those ti In September of that year, I got a test for Herpes, which was the main worry. I39m not sure why exactly I was types of Herpes. The test was HerpeSelect 1-2 administered by Quest Diagnostics. My questions are: does anything about this seem strange to you

26 Aug 2008 Don39t worry, the box does NOT say herpes test kit or any other such thing. It comes in a plain A red top blood draw order with Quest Diagnostics Lab You will have to use Fedex to ship the blood sample overnight. Even in that you should get a lab test to diagnose herpes, and that test should be type specific. (i.e., can sort routinely available through large labs like Quest Diagnostics. Don39t order a combined HSV 12 test (i.e. a test that does not look for HSV Provides a brief overview of this test including clinical use and background, Detect and differentiate between type 1 and type 2 herpes simplex virus (HSV)

A clinician39s guide to serologic testing for herpes simplex virus (HsV)

That39s right most doctors do NOT include a herpes test for their patients UNLESS If your doctor sends you to Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp to get a blood test for Most of these services use the HerpeSelect tests from Focus Diagnostics Specificity- probability of test correctly determining that patient does not have FDA-cleared tests like the HerpeSelect ELISA from Focus Diagnostics-Quest may

This test can be used to diagnose genital infection with herpes simplex virus type 1 or type 2. Because HSV-2 leads to more frequent genital recurrence than does HSV-1, it poses a higher risk of transmission For men, use test code 34257 So my question: Should I switch to the QuestHerepeselect test rather than using the LabcorpCaptiva Does it matter between the two I39d do