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Home Page: Alternative cancer treatment Dr. Dan Rodgers provides medical surrounding the Mexican Cancer Clinics the plain truth is Tijuana Mexico has The Contreras Cancer Care is synonymous with alternative medicine and alternative cancer therapies such as Laetrile (amygdalinB17) and Shark Cartilage

Sep 2, 2009 5 years ago Harvey was diagnosed with brain cancer, and his doctors told him that he only had a year and a half to live. After having a portion

Jun 18, 2009 Expert: If alternative therapies really cured cancer, they39d be standard Patients traveling to the Tijuana area for treatment appear to be The Oasis of Hope Hospital is a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico providing alternative cancer treatments to its customers. Many of the treatments offered there have been Some practitioners of alternative medicine who treat cancer using unproven and Ralph Moss, in his brief history of the Tijuana clinics, notes that the clinics

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Jan 12, 2012 By Sarah Macdonald, a reporter on People amp Power39s film Cancer Sell. promoting alternative cancer therapy clinics, many based in Tijuana, Jan 25, 2002 In Tijuana, across the border from San Diego, there are an estimated 50 clinics offering alternative cancer treatments. Catering mainly to

May 21, 2005 Cancer patients take their hopes to Tijuana. Border city is world alternative therapy centre. Jo Tuckman in Tijuana. Saturday 21 May 2005 04.47 Dec 16, 2014 Find an All-Natural, Holistic Treatment Center Near You Today. Cancer, Electromedicine, Alkaline Therapy, many other treatments (Tijuana)