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Early prostate cancer antigen-2 (EPCA-2) is a protein of which blood levels are elevated in prostate cancer. It appears to provide more accuracy in identifying early 162015018332The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that men have a chance to make an informed decision with their health care provider about whether to be

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See our video and general information on the treatment options for early prostate cancer Learn about the factors that may affect your risk for prostate cancer, and get information about the pros and cons of early detection tests to help you decide if Prostate cancer is diagnosed in an estimated 80 of men who reach age 80. Find in-depth prostate cancer information here on prevention

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Radiotherapy for early prostate cancer is usually given from an external machine (external beam radiotherapy) 1302014018332Surgery for prostate cancer may be done to: Remove the prostate and its cancer (prostatectomy). Nearby lymph nodes also may be removed to check for cancer

A fact sheet that describes the PSA screening test for prostate cancer and explains the benefits and limitations of the test Welcome to The Prostate Cancer Research Institute. Our mission is to help men know their options. We believe that educating the patient about prostate cancer leads to