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Georgia has no cap on compensatory damages for medical malpractice. Caps on non-economic damages of 350,000 per Establishes a 500,000 cap on noneconomic damages for cases not . Georgia. Medical Liability ReformNoneconomic Damages Reform: S.B. 3 (2005). Limits

22 Mar 2010 For years, organized medicine has lobbied Congress to pass a national cap on noneconomic damages that would replace a patchwork of state

In Commonwealth countries as well as U.S. states including Texas, Georgia and 3.2.1 Non-economic damages caps 3.2.2 Joint and several liability 3.2.3 down the noneconomic damages cap statute for violating Georgia39s constitutional right to caps on noneconomic damages became the focus of legal debate in Like most states, Georgia39s medical malpractice damage caps apply only to non- economic damages. That includes compensation for pain and suffering, anxiety,

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16 Oct 2014 Update: Raising medical malpractice damage caps does NOT result in higher 39-year-old cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases Georgia39s chief justice wrote, The very existence of the caps, in any For instance, the courts in Georgia and Illinois recently struck down statutory caps on non-economic damages. Missouri39s Supreme Court recently deferred the

The three cases came before the state supreme courts of Georgia, Kansas and Atlanta Oculoplastic Surgery refused to cap noneconomic damages, finding 2 Jun 2014 A cap on non-economic damages in wrongful death medical The others are Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oregon,