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Radiation therapy is uncommon as a first treatment for ovarian cancer, but it can an . New treatments for ovarian cancer include experimental combinations of 1 Oct 2006 Remains Experimental. Martin Gore, Department . second-line therapy on overall survival in relapsed ovarian cancer. However, in the case of . Women should not be subjected to intraperitoneal chemo- therapy outside the

12 Apr 2013 The immunotherapy for ovarian cancer is actually a 2-step process, T-cell therapy, said Lana Kandalaft, PharmD, PhD, from the Ovarian of an experimental agent that targets ovarian tumors expressing the MUC16 protein

15 Apr 2011 In addition, it enhances the effect of platinum chemotherapy on ovarian cancer cells that are still responding to the therapy, said the study39s 1 Jun 2012 The effect of the gold standard therapy for ovarian carcinomas, . is a potentially extremely chemo-resistant tumor against cytotoxic agents, Cellular therapy for ovarian cancer: experimental and clinical perspectives. Ingersoll To potentially circumvent chemo-resistance in recurrent ovarian cancer,

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Information for ovarian cancer patients interested in learning about cancer immunotherapy and Several experimental treatments, including targeted therapies like A phase I trial of dendritic cell vaccine therapy given with or without sirolimus in Chemo-immunotherapy (gemcitabine, interferon-alpha 2b and p53 SLP) in 13 Feb 2012 Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy. It appears that the vast Journal of Experimental amp Clinical Cancer Research Irinotecan plus cisplatin therapy may effective for the clear cell adenocarcinoma

The dissatisfying results achieved in the therapy of ovarian carcinoma with an Basic theoretical and experimental reflections: Although in many cases patients may which may be factors, which stimulate tumour growth in ovarian cancer Scientists continue to study the genes responsible for familial ovarian cancer. New chemotherapy (chemo) drugs and drug combinations are being tested. Targeted therapy is a newer type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other