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10 Jun 2008 Use medications like Ativan to get sleep, and to minimize your panic attacks when . Thank you very much for this helpful blog i am starting my generic paxil i My doc said I can take the paxil and xanax at the same time So question is,how do i get off xanax and now paxil without horrible and getting rid of the benzos before starting the paxil would mean you are down schedule during your 1st week of paxil use might work out, since the

21 Apr 2012 4 Answers - Posted in: paxil, anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder Like You I have GAD, And Had First starting Getting Panic attacks at age 14, PAXIL Helped Me very well then, really work, when I have an Anxiety Attack, I take a Xanax right away, to use until the paxil kicked in and it helped a lot also

I have always used Xanax before and it helped me through my difficult times. the professionals telling me not to use Xanax because it just masks the problem. And I am starting to feel dizzy alot too, and kind of like I am there, but not there 23 Feb 2007 Sarebear: Your example of intermittant then dwindling use of xanax is fine. . After going off AropaxPaxil cold-turkey as a teenager. .. someone off of it after another shrink has made the mistake of starting it in the first place yes you can take both at the same time, I have been on paxil and xanax to get use to it so the xanax will help with any anxiety you may have

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25 Sep 2003 I39ve also been taking Paxil for 9 days while I39ve been taking Xanax, but I now have a long term I use to take Paxil for almost 10 years and wen Could I just use the Xanax to treat my anxiety when I feel I have it Thankfully, since starting paxil i have had no ibs attacks whatsoever.. at

15 Oct 2002 Drugs to consider for use in augmentation therapy include of such patients include optimizing SSRI dosing (starting at a low dose and slowly . daily dosages in the range of 2 to 10 mg of alprazolam (Xanax) and 1 to 4 mg of half- life agents such as paroxetine (Paxil) or sertraline (Zoloft).11 Because lorazapam xanax. xanax xr generic. generic xanax 027. use xanax with starting paxil. patient comments on xanax. difference between xanax and valium buy