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New relationships are challenging for all. Cancer diagnosis adds additional physical, emotional changes to consider Breast cancer does not discriminate. Celebrities and other famous people are at risk also. This list defines celebrities that have survived breast cancer

When can I say I am a breast cancer survivor There are several opinions on this - medical, personal, and cultural factors may influence when you start saying you are

I dont often talk about my thyroid cancer story. Im the author of a book on young adult cancer. Im addicted to blogging about the 20 and 30-something cancer 1292004018332My partner has had cancer for 6 years. I just began dating him a couple of months ago. The irony is that my father died of cancer about 9 years ago, so the 632009018332Hi Lisa, Im also 42, divorced and dating, and I like you seem to find that once I mention that Im a cancer survivor, men pull away. Is it that they are

Tips for cancer survivors on dating, new relationships

What is Survivor Guilt Here we are talking about cancer survivors, but there are many examples of survivors guilt. Military veterans have experienced this guilt Becoming a breast cancer survivor is bound to teach you a few life lessons. When you hear the words, You have breast cancer, you join a club that nobody wants to join

Identical twins Kristen Maurer and Kelly McCarthy were diagnosed with breast cancer just months apart. Here, they share their story Prostate cancer affects many types of men, including celebrities and other famous people. This list details famous prostate cancer survivors