Lubricant allergy

B. Lubricant Allergy. Certain substance in the lubricant Additives in the lubricant ( including Nonoxynol-9, scents and flavourings). C. Allergy to Rubber and Allergy to spermicidal lubricant in a contraceptive. van Ulsen J, Stolz E, van Joost T, Geursen-Reitsma AM. PIP: Allergic contact dermatitis is reported in a patient

It can change the Ph balance internally, and cause infections, as you39ve discovered. Why do you need lubricant anyway Women manufacture

19 Jun 2014 If you suspect or even fear you might be allergic to condoms or lube, Latex is something they will test for in many allergy tests, especially in if you don39t have any of these Symptom, then it is not an allergic reaction: it could just be that you get dry in the midst of Sexual intercourse, and if that Could this be Allergic reaction to latex condom or allergic reaction to softsoap anitbacterial hand soap or allegy to KY intrigue personal lubricant or is it herpes

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Read about the causes and symptoms for an allergic vaginal reaction, and learn Feminine hygiene sprays, lubricants, and douches, tampons and toilet paper 23 Jul 2014 Learn how to choose the best lubricant for pelvic health amp avoid unsafe lubricant additives, preservatives amp best lubricant base ingredients for

How to Diagnose a Lubricant Allergy. When things aren39t normal with your genitals, it can be painful and embarrassing. While bacteria can cause the problem, Allergy to silicone lubricant, Ask a Doctor about Allergy