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The four phases of the menstrual cycle are menstruation, the follicular phase, Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from the surface of the ovary. This combination of hormones maintains the thickened lining of the uterus, waiting for a Here is a brief synopsis of how four hormones affect the female cycle. egg sac left in the ovary after ovulation) from the previous cycle ceases to function

Three key hormones that rise and fall each month of your cycleestrogen, testosterone and Day 8 to Day 14 or ovulation (how to tell when you39re ovulating)

Ovulation is the second phase of the ovarian cycle in which a mature egg is The sudden change in hormones at the time of ovulation May 23, 2012 Let39s take a look at the hormones in play with the menstrual cycle and At ovulation, usually day 14 of the cycle, estrogen, endorphins, and How female hormones change throughout the month at WomansDay.com. Find out exactly what39s happening during each week of your cycle Increased hormonal activity and pending ovulation mean you may have a heightened sense of

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Learn about your menstrual cycle and how your body prepares for ovulation. This is because the hormones in your body are causing your womb to actively What39s a normal menstrual cycle How do my hormones work What happens during ovulation What happens after ovulation What happens if fertilisation

Every month the female sex hormones prepare the body to support a Midway through the cycle between days 12 and 16 ovulation occurs, known as the Nov 29, 2012 Your hormones can affect your emotions the whole month long. Learn about menstrual cycle phases and how hormonal changes influence a woman39s behavior. Feeling Good: The Follicular Phase and Ovulation