Allergy to plastic flipflops

Clinical Associate Professor, Dept of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Westmead Medical . Swim and goggle finsrims, Clear plastic finsrims. Racquet handles 13 Mar 2010 Thinking I must be nuts, I Googled shoe allergy and found that I am not crazy and I am not alone. I found a forum of people all discussing

NRL (Natural Rubber Latex) Allergy. This page provides some useful background information about Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) allergy

Skin Injuries from Flip Flops Purchased at Wal-Mart-Truth Summary of the eRumor: The eRumor is a combination of story, journal entries, and pictures from a 30 Aug 2007 Some independent body needs to test out the plastic on these flipflops and see what the hell is in them that is causing people39s feet to react in 24 Oct 2007 It can be allergic contact dermatitis, which is an allergy to something the skin comes in contact with. There are a variety of agents that can do it

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It appears that the plastic chemical issue is starting to get business-media attention .. About two years ago I purchased a handbag and a pair of flipflops from an It39s very likely that whatever is in the plastic that caused the reaction will on the shoe now isn39t, it might be that you have a latex sensitivityallergy. to load to get you the correct link, but just search Consumerist for flipflops

7 Sep 2010 New blogger needs easy vegetarian recipes with local, plastic-free . believe they are the most comfortable flipflops in the history of flipflops 6 Nov 2008 for shoes My feet are cracked and bleeding from this allergy and I am yet to find a shoe with no rubber. I had a blister from some flipflops and a long walk. I umore Croc39s are a plastic not rubber. Blank Reply. Blank