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Introduction to food intolerance middot Allergy or intolerance Sound (and touch) sensitivity is a common characteristic of autism considering how many autistic and Yet sensitivity to sound is rarely a standalone anxiety symptom. Take a look at your anxiety symptoms and how they affect you with my free 7 minute anxiety test

25 May 2012 A few days ago (last Sunday, the 21) I woke up with a slight pressure around my ears, kind of the way your ears feel right before they pop, and

19 Jun 2014 Abnormal Loudness Sensitivity: Hyperacusis and Recruitment of not just very loud sounds such as the sound of a lawn mower or power tools, 29 Oct 2010 I now get headaches and neck pain, intense sinus pressure, a full heavy feeling in my head and ears, light an sound sensitivity, very dizzy and 16 Mar 2014 Living with Extreme Sound Sensitivity If you feel disgusted to the point of rage when you hear the sound of chewing, swallowing, breathing,

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Many people experience sensitivity to sound, but true hyperacusis is rare, affecting approximately one in 50,000 individuals. The disorder can affect people of all 7 Mar 2011 The sound of certain noises was actually physically painful. Rather, he was suffering from hyperacusis acute sensitivity to sound. Shhhhh:

1 Jun 2010 Chris39s allergy to sound was ruining his attempts to make it as a the brain to produce substances which increased my sensitivity to sound Your questions answered about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. it means an unusually severe sensitivity or allergy-like reaction to many different kinds of however, have several unproven, but seemingly sound theories to explain it including: