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26 Aug 2014 Elderly The decision to treat high cholesterol levels in an elderly person depends upon the individual39s chronologic age (age in years) and 22 Oct 2013 Should older adults take statins if they have elevated cholesterol but no evidence of heart disease It39s a surprisingly controversial question,

1 Sep 2001 Five of the seven studies demonstrated that a high level of serum total cholesterol was a risk factor for CHD in elderly men.10,15 Three out of

What Older Adults Should Know About High Cholesterol. Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death in both men and women gt65 years old, 2 Apr 2013 Learn the dangerous effects of cholesterol in seniors and what the Age (45 or older for men, 55 or older for women) Smoking High blood 24 Sep 2014 Although millions of adults currently take statins to control cholesterol levels, little is known about best practices for statin-use in elderly patients

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Despite early studies that questioned the association of cholesterol with coronary risk in the elderly, the available epidemiology now favors the perspective that Elevated cholesterol levels are not uncommon in the elderly (61 of women aged between 65 and 74 have total cholesterol levels over 6.2 mmolL 240 mg dL)

Lowering Cholesterol in the Elderly is a BAD IDEA Contrary to the above flawed 2008 metanalysis, it is a very bad idea to lower the cholesterol levels in the If your elderly parent has high cholesterol, they are at risk for many serious health problems, including stroke and heart attack. Here is some information to