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(Very) rough estimate of weight loss versus DDR play time. I39m going to Dance Dance Revolution: What is the best readily-available foam-core DDR pad Its a great fun workout. Anyone who is familiar with Dance Dance Revolution knows what I am talking about. It really gives very good results and its easy

28 Apr 2011 There are a lot new weight loss ideas, methods, and concepts emerging Shockingly, it was Dance Dance Revolution (also known as DDR)

23 Apr 2013 Richard Eisenbeis. Filed to: Dance Dance Revolution . Congratulations on taking the first steps in your weight loss endeavor. It39s not easy 23 May 2004 Video game Dance Dance Revolution players burn extra pounds along with their quarters. Weight loss is an unexpected benefit of a game 25 May 2004 I39ve had multiple people in the last few weeks tell me stories involving weight loss through Dance Dance Revolution, and it sounds like a great

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DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) isn39t only a way to work on your dance moves. Weight loss can also result from DDR. One user boasts of her 95 pound weight How Dance Dance Revolution is Getting Kids Off the Couch plus articles and information on Weight-Loss

22 Jan 2010 Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) started as a popular arcade game in the played regularly noticed consistent weight loss and muscle toning Dance Dance Revolution is a fun game and a great source of exercise that39s great for losing weight. To learn how to Water will also boost your weight loss