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8 May 2014 The following information provides a summary of the national statistics on Cancer in Australia using data from the Australian Institute of Health 15 Jul 2014 Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia more than 43,200 Media enquiries about cancer facts or statistics should be directed to the

29 Nov 2012 on Australia39s health and welfare. The Institute39s mission is authoritative information and statistics to promote better health and wellbeing

10 Jul 2014 Cancer statistics including Western Australian cancer statistics, skin cancer statistics, bowel cancer statistics, lung cancer statistics, prostate SunSmart39s most often ed skin cancer and melanoma statistics, facts and research 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 7 May 2014 Incidence In 2010, lung cancer was the 5th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia (after prostate, bowel, breast and melanoma of the

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8 May 2014 See also a fact sheet Cancer in Australia statistics. Please note more fact sheets by cancer type will be added to this list, also remember to Authoritative information and statistics . In 2009, the risk for Australian males of being diagnosed with cancer before their 85th birthday was 1 in 2. In 2010, cancer accounted for about 3 of every 10 deaths (30) registered in Australia

11 Dec 2012 39Cancer in Australia: an overview, 201239 presents the latest available for Australian cancer incidence and mortality Appendix H Statistical Prevalence and mortality cancer statistics for Australia across all types of cancer