Cancer why am i angry

Dec 9, 2013 I feel really angry that I am the one who got the breast cancer I have pity parties for myself and for what I have lost. Sometimes my pity parties Jan 15, 2014 Why the hell shouldn39t we be angry Why the hell shouldn39t I be angry I am losing my life. I am losing my place in my daughter39s childhood and

Jun 19, 2013 it was like a big reveal for me today my friends. out of the blue hubby tells me he thinks cancer has changed me foreverI am filled with anger

Sep 4, 2014 39I am not fighting, losing, winning or bearing,39 says author in bravura first instalment of cancer memoirs Anger can be a force for good, but chronic, intense anger is neither helpful nor healthy As a cancer survivor, I remember a lot to be angry about. Although I never I don 39t know if I am dealing with cancer anger as much as cancer rage. I too have

Feeling Angry after Surviving Breast Cancer . . . denise4health and

Yes yes definately normal to be angry amp depressed. I think Pink Fighter said it best I myself am still struggling on amp off with anger amp depression, though many Jun 14, 2011 39If one more person tells me I am so lucky to have got through my It39s perfectly reasonable, for instance, to be angry if you hear the local

6 days ago Well I have stomach cancer ,and find if I get angry it causes me pain maybe this is his problem I am only 79 but age is very frustating ,memory Aug 21, 2012 Now I39m mad I got cancer and although I appreciate my family and friends I am not angry and depressed 247, just sometimes when my