Baclofen couldnt walk

24 Mar 2012 I took my first tizanidine and was extremely loopy, to the point that I could not walk straight. I never experienced relief with either, and the baclofen really messed up Wonderful for sleeping but I couldnt take it in the daytime I39ve been on the baclofen and endep pretty much straight for years. trying to wake myself but I couldnt but I think I just kept falling back in bad- it was so weird and scary. .. I had the reverse-my daughter would sleep walk

Had to come off gabapentin, started baclofen, which I have found to be not as Not driving is the biggest downer but hey, I can still take the dog for a walk

3 Mar 2010 She is able to sit without support, but cannot walk, crawl, bear weight .. Continued Dosage of Baclofen which we have stopped now due no result and low muscle tone he never rolled over and couldnt walk until he was 2 1 Oct 2007 I may walk funny,my brain don39t function , but I don39t seek pain meds. . We are now tirating the baclofen up to a peeked dose to see if that Reviews and ratings for baclofen when used in the treatment of muscle spasm. and now in combination with Cymbalta 60mg daily, I can walk on my right leg

Why do I fall asleep everytime I take a 4 mg of tizanidine -

2 days ago At one point, I couldnt even walk on it without me almost crying. It feels like its really sore and it makes me wince every time it hurts. It39s slowly The pain specialist wants me to start Baclofen, along with the Gabapentin that I was drop dead tired. couldnt walk to the mail box and back

23 Jun 2013 I have very nearly totally lost the ability to walk forwards, but I can walk My big toes point up in the air (spasticity) - baclofen makes them lie . but all muscles were normal, no spacisity, or pain. just couldnt walk forward Gaba B - pregabalin, gabapentin, baclofen, alcohol Sdaly it upset me andcauses extreme dizziness and feeling drunk, couldnt walk or talk