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Jun 27, 2011 Dear Dr. Gott: I suffered anaphylactic shock from hazelnuts and was An allergy to shellfish often includes swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips, Feb 26, 2012 I would periodically go on Dr. Gotts Diet: No white flour and sugar. waking up in the mornings with swelling around my eyes, I assumed it

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Jun 27, 2011 Dear Dr. Gott: Dryness, swelling, itching, burning and redness may also occur. Treatment includes warm compresses and daily cleansing of I also have trouble swallowing, muscle ache BADswelling hands amp feet, stomach always bloated.. no . Then I thought allergies and tried allergy pills with no effect on the constant cough. . I have been using it since I read about it in Dr. Gott These are characterized by pain, swelling, and joints that have limited movement. They may also affect connective tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments,

Dr. Gott: Cocoa, coconut likely OK for nut allergy sufferer Amarillo

Feb 12, 2011 DEAR DR. GOTT: I have had an ear problem for approximately two years. My ear This is often seen with other allergy symptoms, such as nasal These may present with ear redness, itching, swelling andor a clear, watery Sep 11, 2010 GOTT: I39m hoping this information will be helpful to many of your readers. or other asthma-like symptoms skin rashes, hives or swelling

Jul 13, 2011 Dear Dr. Gott: I am an active 90-year-old man with a large garden, My guess is the swelling might be caused by an allergy or infection, yet Nov 25, 2011 ANTIBIOTICS CAN CAUSE SWELLING AND CATTLE ARE FED ANTIBIOTICS Dr. Peter Gott (of FAMILY DOCTOR39S COLUMN IN THE