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15 Dec 2014 Herpes has devastated 26 percent of France39s oyster production since the summer of 2008. Halfway around the world in Australia, the virus The genome of the virus was sequenced from infected Pacific oyster larvae Microvariants have been reported in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia

5 Dec 2011 Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) is the name that has been the virus Ostreid herpesvirus-1 microvariant (OsHV-1 Var) in Australia

6 Sep 2012 OsHV-1 (Oyster Herpesvirus type 1) infection causes mortality in the to a lesser extent of adult oysters C. gigas in Australia (December 2010) 20 Aug 2013 Plankton may be spreading a herpes-like virus that has been Australian oceans most biologically diverse, Science Online, 03 Aug 2010 Oyster herpesvirus is a virulent viral disease of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas (also known as the rock or cupped oyster). This is the only species of

Oyster Herpes39 Killer Virus Threatens 4 Billion Industry - Bloomberg

16 Dec 2014 Ostreid herpesvirus-1 microvariant has killed millions of mollusks in Europe and Australia and continues to jeopardize the oyster industry 24 Dec 2010 Unfortunately herpes remains a highly destructive virus, and not just in epidemic of Chlamydia but according to Virus Research, oysters are

22 Jul 2013 Identification and characterisation of an ostreid herpesvirus-1 microvariant (OsHV -1 -var) in Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oysters) in Australia 15 Dec 2014 Oyster herpes is unrelated to the virus that infects humans and is not the virus killed 10 million oysters off the coast of Australia within three