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THE NEW ZEALAND. HERPES FOUNDATION. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION RING. Herpes helpline: 0508 11 12 13. Visit herpes website: www.herpes.org.nz There are two types of Herpes simplex Type I and Type II. . The NZ Herpes Foundation has a toll free Herpes Helpline 0508 11 12 13 with pre-recorded

clinical management of genital herpes and also provides guidelines in pregnancy. Scope . Referral to support systems eg Herpes helpline 050811 12 13. Appropriate follow up. of Genital Herpes in NZ 8th Ed. 2007. Sexual Health Intranet

More than 30 of sexually active adults in NZ have genital herpes. Misinformation and ignorance about herpes often means a diagnosis can be a shock or the herpes website www.herpes.org.nz, to verify the information you39ve given .. or by speaking to a counsellor on the tollfree Herpes Helpline 0508 11 12 13 Email: infoherpes.org.nz or: infohpv.org.nz or: infostie.org.nz. Helpline. Website. Resources. New Zealand Sexual Health Society (NZSHS) resources

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CONTACT DETAILS. New Zealand Herpes Foundation PO Box 2437. Auckland phone 09 433 6526 fax 09 433 6563. HERPES HELPLINE Toll free 0508 11 12 1 Oct 2004 Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI). It can cause . the Herpes Helpline (free) 0508 111 213 or www.herpes.org.nz

Phone: 09 433 6526. Fax: 09 360 2835. Email: infoherpes.org.nz or: infohpv. org.nz. For international resources please see inside back cover. Helpline and preventing this sexually transmitted infection or. Genital. Herpes WHAT IS . can still infected infected have dev and need. If you ne could sp health co helpline show you toms, . This resource is available from www.healthed.govt.nz or