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Essential Items for Allergy Relief Does Honey Help Prevent Allergies The theory that taking in small amounts of pollen by eating local honey to build up 9 May 2011 Many allergy sufferers believe that a daily spoonful of locally produced honey can act like a vaccine and alleviate symptoms

Fighting allergies with honey is a tasty cure for sniffles and watery eyes, but does it work Investigate how honey could fight allergies

4 May 2012 According to this popular belief, exposure to local honey works somewhat like a vaccine against local allergens by exposing people to the When it comes to home remedies for allergies you hear a lot about local raw honey preventing them. It is supposed to work because the gradual intake of local Start consuming the local honey well in advance of the allergy season where you live remedy, be sure to avoid the things that cause your seasonal allergies to

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27 May 2011 Researchers are divided over the effectiveness of local honey or unprocessed and unpasteurized honey in treating birch pollen allergy and nose would be ideal, and an allergist can best assess your triggers and get you relief from these symptoms. Will honey relieve my seasonal allergies

19 Jul 2013 Q. Several people have recommended I eat local honey as a remedy for my seasonal allergies. Does it really help A. There is a widespread 28 Mar 2013 Whether you call it hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or plain old allergies, the with allergies should take heart that there plenty of proven remedies One of the most common allergy remedy myths is that eating locally grown honey